Hotel Bellavista in Ponte di Legno: a story that lasts more than a century

Discover our family history of catering and the methods of hospitability in the Hotel Bellavista in Ponte di Legno, near Passo Tonale.

Our family history of catering begins at the end of the 19th century, when Grandmother Giuseppina Ferrari together with her brother Pietrom runs a hotel named Ferrari in Stadolina, on the road from Edola leading to Passo Tonale, a few miles away from Ponte di Legno.
In the year 1912 the Touring Club d’Italia proclaims Ponte di Legno the first touristic winter time destination in Italy. In those years Ponte di Legno becomes a destination for noblemen and tourist who are keen to try out new sports imported from Scandinavian countries and from the adjacent Switzerland. 
In 1915 Italy enters into WWI, the Ferrari hotel situated next to the first line is converted into a military hospital.  
After the end of the war the grandmother Giuseppina marries a renowned construction entrepreneur from Ponte di Legno, who builds sells villas to noblemen and industrialists from Milan. Unfortunately, during the crisis in 1929 all projects and the entire wealth falls into ruin. 
In the mid-thirties, thanks to good intuition, the grandfather purchased a large piece of land situated on the boundary of the place at that time. The land in question was the one that included Hotel Bellavista, today situated in the very center of Ponte di Legno.    
On this land the grandfather built a house in which a family was to dwell, and two members of that family consisted of grandmother Giuseppina and the son Elio.
The another war, this time WWII, breaking all hopes and dreams, and for the next five years many young men from Ponte di Legno go to war. Starting from September, 8th 1943 a tragic war for freedom commences in which my father Elio participated. 
The grandfather and father built a pension named Bellavista in the fifties. The reason for this name lies in the magnificent view towards the surrounding mountains. 
During the first half of the year 1960 the father Elio married Maria Covacci from Ancona, a teacher in the vocational school at the time. The family expands, and I Ennio was born in 1965, and my brother Cesare in 1967.  
As Ponte di Legno was becoming more and more a tourist destination, pension Bellavista became more and more modern until reaching its current form.   
My father, a wine enthusiast and an expert, in the seventies ventures in the construction of a winery on the hills above Ancona with the intention to produce Conero DOC red wine. His passion for wine grew during the war and thus the business expands on the territory of Franciacorte, with the establishment of a new company which produces Franciacorte champaign. 
The hotel management and the winery was in the hands of my parents up untill 1989, that is when I started to be in charge of the catering business, whereas my brother managed the winery. In the year 2000 the hotel management receives a new member Antonia, and the hotel gets redecorated with a more modern look. 
The story continues and the future development of the Hotel Bellavista will offer new surprises. 

Ennio Donati


The background of the war that left behind testimonies and traces still visible in the surrounding area of the Hotel Bellavista. 


Use the special services at your disposition during your vacation in the Hotel Bellavista in Ponte di Legno and recharge your batteries. 


Tradition and excellent ingredients originating from the region that are used to prepare the meals: those are distinguished features of the Hotel Bellavista cuisine. 

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