Family vacation in Ponte di Legno

Have fun with your children during your family vacation in Ponte di Legno.

Adamello Kids Card offers activities suitable for children (from the age of 4 to 12), allowing access to Mini Club Mucca Adamellina with creative workshops, games shows and field trips. It also allows special prices for many fun activities.

Various activities are offered for the youngest guests during summer, such as:
welcoming walks in the forest;

  • a brunch with sweet and salty local food specialties that allow you to get acquainted to characteristic flavors of local food through delicious breaks in some typical sights with panoramic views of Ponte di Legno;
  • natural science workshop: framed plants. Children and youngsters will give a try at making pictures of different plant species;
  • forest magic: stage improvisation workshop with topics concerning natural science with the aim to promote love and respect towards nature;
  • the unusual magic beginning from milk and ending in cheese: a visit to the dairy after a short walk including description of process for making cheese in high altitudes and with special tastes;
  • children encounter the dwarf Gino in the forest;
  • tracking forest wildlife: dense spruce forest allows the possibility to describe and watch smaller wild animals in their natural habitat;
  • a short course of climbing;
  • the small inhabitants of the village are growing up: a visit to didactic local farms to get acquainted to animals and to participate in milk processing;
  • forest orientation training;
  • a small house amidst flowers: mountain flowers and vegetation shown on a piece of paper through drawings and various graphic techniques;
  • learning about how to process sheep wool.

The hotel provides the program on a weekly basis.

Beisdes this, in Ponte di Legno you will find a diverse program of sports courses: starting from fencing to basketball and volleyball campswimming courses and many more.

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