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Check out our special offers and come to us so that we could organize your vacation in the best possible way in Ponte di Legno, in the Hotel Bellavista. Contact us for information about our prices and send us an inquiry without any commitments right now for your future vacation in Ponte di Legno.

Whether you choose the Hotel Bellavista as your vacation in Ponte di Legno during summer or winter, either way you will always find fantastic special offers that would be a shame to miss out! Therefore, continue reading and start planning your vacation in Ponte di Legno right now. The Hotel Bellavista staff is expecting you in Ponte di Legno.

In summer time, the Regional Park Adamello and the National Park Stelvio, with their dense forests, sunny prairies, clean mountain lakes and beautiful waterfalls make a spectacle for your eyes and senses. If you prefer excursions, mountain bikes, golf or extreme sports, you should spend your summer vacation in Ponte di Legno. In the Hotel Bellavista in Ponte di Legno a summer vacation filled with adrenaline and fun at reasonable prices await you in Ponte di Legno

Winter resort which includes Ponte di Legno, Passo Tonale, iceberg Presena and a place called Temù s really spectacular and it gives delight with its white charm. If you are a skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and winter field trips enthusiast go on a winter vacation in Tonale. In the Hotel Bellavista in Ponte di Legno, near the Passo Tonale gardens, a Tonale winter vacation filled with excitement and adventures at best prices await you!

Room prices from 46,- € per person and night
Children prices
0 - 3 years:Free
3 - 6 years: 50% reduction
6 - 13 years: 30% reduction
Cradle10,- € per night
Reductions and Increments
Adult in 3rd bed: 10% reduction
Adult in 4th bed: 20% reduction
Single use of a double room: 50% price increment per night
Minimum Stay
3 nights
Shorter stays are subject to a 10,- € price increase per person and night.

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