Personal information is stored in an electronic archive with the aim to process your inquiries and possibly to send promotional materials. In this regard, you have all the rights mentioned in the Article 7. Law no. 196/2003. The data is managed by the Hotel Bellavista.

The Hotel Bellavista can use your information in statistical purposes (exclusively anonymous) and for sending promotional materials, catalogues and price lists, as well as for the purposes of providing information regarding our initiatives and promotional offers. At any time you can invoke your right provided in the Article 7. the Regulation with legal power no. 196/2003, among other things the right of access to information, the right to amend, or update information, the right to amend privacy settings, the right to delete information, as well as to prohibit the use of information by addressing the responsible person, which is nominated in that purpose by our company under Article 13. Letter f) the Regulation with legal power no.196/2003, on the following address: bellavista@bellavistahotel.com.